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We want you to be completely satisfied with your color choices and are happy to send you color swatch samples to ensure your complete satisfaction before ordering.

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Swatches FAQ

Yup. Our scissors are sharpened and ready to go . . . you just need to ask for a swatch. 

Our color samples are meant to only show the color options of our products. The samples can be cut from different fabric momme/weights.

Our sheets and accessories come in a range of weights, from 19 to 30 momme. The weight of the fabric difficult to get a true feel for from a small sample cutting. But we're happy to discuss the differences and help you decide among various momme options when you're ready to purchase. In the meantime, feel free to check out this blog that talks all about the differences as well:
What is Momme in Silk Fabric?

As many colors as you need! You can order one or two colors individually, or just select "All Colors" to receive our full color book.

Yes, but we think it's worth it to make sure you love the silk your buying.