Spotlight on Beauty Expert JoAnn Solomon: Weighing in On Pure Silk Accessories

February is Black History Month, which is a fitting time to remind our clients Mulberry Park Silks is committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion both in our workplace and our work practices. We live those values by spotlighting Black digital creators and thought leaders; helping to uplift and amplify their voices; and supporting the work of HBCUs. This article highlights recent feedback on our silk head scarves and bonnets from famed makeup and hair artist/writer/beauty expert, JoAnn Solomon.

Soliciting Expert Feedback About Black Hair Care

Here at Mulberry Park Silks, we spend a lot of time talking about the many benefits of silk you’ll find in our wonderful products. More importantly, we also take time to listen. And that means soliciting expert feedback from professionals, especially when it comes to products intended to care for Black hair.

Insights from Beauty Expert JoAnn Solomon


JoAnn Solomon Celebrity Makeup Artist


As part of our design process, we actively seek input and opinions from experts. We were so fortunate to have the chance to connect with JoAnn Solomon as part of these efforts. A premier New York City makeup artist, hair artist, writer and beauty expert, JoAnn has made a lasting mark in the industry. Known for her perfect blend of fresh and glam, JoAnn has worked with celebrities including  Mariah Carey, Beyonce Knowles, Alicia Keys, Hailee Steinfeld, Huda Kotb, and many more. As a personal beauty consultant for Beyonce Knowles, JoAnn has curated her makeup for both stage and everyday life. She has appeared in the New York Times, Essence, Nylon and other notable publications.

Naturally, we were beyond thrilled when JoAnn kindly agreed to try our silk hair accessories and share her thoughts. She was not compensated for her opinion; she simply agreed to provide us with her honest feedback. You can watch the video of JoAnn, who tried our silk head scarf, and her daughter, Jadah, who used our silk hair bonnet, below.

Thoughts on Our Products from Two Beautiful Generations

We love hearing these two independent voices explaining why they loved our silk head scarf and bonnet so much. JoAnn and her daughter appreciated how our products helped their hair to retain natural moisture and—in Jadah’s case—how our bonnet protected her long locks from build-up and damage by staying securely in place overnight.

When JoAnn tried our silk scarf on her natural hair, she had the following to say:

“I’m thrilled. Do I have to wear silk on my head? No. Do I want to wear silk on my head? Yes. Why? I want moisture retention, I want my hair to be protected.”

Truly, there is no better endorsement than a recommendation like that from an expert like JoAnn Solomon. It is a point of great pride here at Mulberry Park Silks and a professional highlight for our team.

Thank you, JoAnn and Jadah!

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More About Mulberry Park Silks

In the video, JoAnn makes several points about our silk that are worth elaborating on:

Moisturizing to Hair and Skin: Like hair and skin, silk is protein-based; this means silk helps your hair and skin stay hydrated. In contrast, protein-based cotton is absorbent, and actively pulls moisture away from hair and skin.

Model putting on sleep bonnet

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Unique Design of Our Silk Bonnet: We made our silk bonnets to work exactly as it did for Jadah by accommodating longer hair and protecting her locks. The secure tie also means that the sleep cap stays in place overnight, even for active sleepers. We think our sleep bonnet is the best hair bonnet on the market.

Feels Like Butter: We agree! The charmeuse weave of our silk is made to feel indulgent against your hair and skin. It is soft, lustrous, and an absolute luxury. The gentle weave of our silk also protects hair extensions and prevents frizz and hair breakage for any hair type. 

Our Brand is About Self-Care: Treating yourself to a hair-scarf, bonnet, silk pillowcase, or other accessory from Mulberry Park Silks is an investment in beauty and wellness. Our silk is hypoallergenic and non-irritating to even the most sensitive skin. 

High-Quality, Genuine Silk:  Mulberry Park Silks uses 100% pure mulberry silk of the highest quality (6A) in our products. Silk is not the same as polyester or satin; these artificial fabrics do not deliver the same benefits as genuine silk. 

Reputable. Transparency and reputation are essential to our goal of selling the highest-quality silk at fair and affordable prices. Mulberry Park Silks is a US-based company with headquarters, warehouse, and corporate offices proudly located in Branford, CT. If you have a question about any of our products, you can email or—even better—call one of our team members on the phone. We are here to help!

Note: Mulberry Park Silks hair accessories can easily be washed by hand or machine. Check out care guidelines.

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