How to Style The Gallery Collection Silk Pillowcases: Tips from the Mulberry Park Silks Design Team

This article offers tips and ideas for styling the unique silk pillowcases in the Gallery Collection from Mulberry Park Silks.

Model lies Among All Styles of teh Gallery Collection

Here at Mulberry Park Silks , we think every silk pillowcase we make is a work of art. And, of course, our clients value the many beauty, health, and wellness benefits of sleeping on silk (say goodbye to bedhead, tangles, split ends, and sleep creases!) But late last year, we produced something truly special: The Gallery Collection , a limited-edition series of silk pillowcases featuring the art of Elyssa Helfman, a renowned nature and wildlife painter.

This unique collaboration features three stunning designs, all done in 22 momme silk, printed on both sides, with a hidden zipper closure:

  • Peacock Feather : Majestic and mysterious peacock features in of bold blue and green 
  • Tropical Palms : Soothing fronds of palm trees done with depth, color, and dimension.
  • Pink Orchids : A tranquil spray of orchids done in delicate shades of rose and pink

With the overwhelming response we’ve received to the Gallery Collection, our design team is here to offer some style tips to showcase the unique beauty of this capsule collection.

1.     Show Off Your Silk Pillowcases

Peaock Pillowcase Syled

Like any piece of artwork, the Gallery Collection pillowcases are made to be seen. We love the idea of these pillowcases taking pride of place on your bed, making a style statement all their own. You can go all-in on luxury by pairing your Gallery Collection pillowcases with a set of our 22 momme silk sheets in Ivory (all Gallery Collection pillowcases are printed on a background of our stunning Ivory silk). 

2.     Layer Pleasing Pops of Color

What’s even better than a silk pillowcase? Two—or more!—silk pillowcases. When we introduced our Gallery Collection, we also added four new silk pillowcase colors that are perfect for complementing and layering.  So stack up those pillows in all the shades:

 Palms Pillowcases Styled

3.     Pick Up the Floral and Feather Theme

Bedside Table Styled with orchids

There’s no better way to brighten up your bedroom than with an arrangement of real or artificial plants and flowers. Best of all, you’re limited only by your imagination! As it turns out, orchids can be quite easy to take care of (and watering them with ice cubes really is a thing that allows them to thrive). We’ve found some easy-care varieties at Trader Joe’s and Home Depot that pair beautifully with our pillowcases. The same goes for palm plants, which are widely available for both tabletop and floor. If you’re really worried about not having a green thumb, check out these artificial orchids and palm plants from Wayfair. Last but definitely not least, a bouquet of peacock feathers in a vase—or feathers incorporated with dried flowers—makes a dramatic visual accent; in some circles, peacock feathers are also believed to clear negative energy

4.     Complement the Colors with a Luxury Throw Blanket

There’s no reason the top of your bed needs to get all the attention. You can pick up the stunning shades of your silk pillowcases and add depth, texture, and visual interest with a luxurious throw blanket or bed end. Some recommendations:

 Orchid Pillowcase Styled Bed with Throw

View Gallery Collection

5.     Set Up a “Serenity Station” on Your Nightstand

Styled Table with Palms

Form, and function meet with stylish self-care accessories. You can pick up pillowcase colors with a 100 percent pure silk sleep mask in Daffodil, Sapphire, Aqua, or Rosewood shades or a lavender aromatherapy eye pillow in Ivory or Rose Quartz; indulge in a beautiful scented candle (this vanilla, orchid, and cedarwood is one of our favorites); or treat yourself to a fancy diary that reflects the theme like this velvet peacock journal (ooh la la!). And while you’re at it, think about ditching your phone as an alarm clock and waking more gently with a smart light like this one (you can customize the color to match your pillowcase!). 

Commit to Proper Cleaning and Care

Model Using Heritage Park Silk and Wool Detergent

Your Gallery Collection silk pillowcases will look and feel beautiful for a long time if you follow a few simple instructions. They can be washed by hand or in the machine on a silk/gentle cycle; to machine wash, turn your pillowcases inside out and place in a fine mesh laundry bag . Use a detergent specially formulated for silk like Heritage Park Silk and Wool Detergent , which will clean and protect delicate silk fiber. Never put your silk pillowcases in the dryer; hang to dry away from direct sunlight, indoors or outside. You can smooth any wrinkles by hand; if you choose to iron, follow these directions . You can learn more about caring for silk pillowcases and sheets here . 

The Best Silk Pillowcase You Can Buy

Model drinking Coffee in Bed

Mulberry Park Silks is proud to offer you the finest silk pillowcase on the market. Sleeping on silk tames tangles, minimizes hair breakage, smooths frizzy hair, and promotes hair growth. Our silk pillowcases are also friction free to prevent fine lines. Our pure silk pillowcases also naturally repel dust mites and protect sensitive skin. Unlike your cotton pillowcase, silk wicks away moisture to help regulate your body temperature for the perfect night of beauty sleep. And remember: only pure mulberry silk delivers these benefits. Never settle for imitation satin or polyester.

As always, the Mulberry Park Silks design team is here to help answer any questions or concerns you might have. We’d also love to hear any recommendations YOU have for styling your Gallery Collection or signature silk pillowcases. Please feel free to reach out via phone or email or tag us on Facebook , Instagram or Tik-Tok; we’d love to hear from you. 

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