What Is 7A Grade Silk? Is It Real or a Marketing Ploy?

In this article, we discuss "Grade 7A silk". Is there a new silk grade rating? Or is this just a new marketing ploy? As always, we are here to inform you before purchasing silk bedding. We aim to empower you to make well-informed decisions before investing in luxury silk products. Ultimately, we debunk so-called "Grade 7A silk" and explain that it is just a deceptive marketing ploy.

It’s time to clear the air regarding the recent emergence of so-called “Grade 7A silk.” We are here to tell you that no such silk grade exists within the standard silk grading system. If you purchased “7A Grade silk", you unfortunately fell victim to a marketing scheme.

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Dedicated to Our Industry and Our Clients

Why are we speaking out? After all, we wouldn’t dare make this type of claim here at Mulberry Park Silks. But we feel the need to protect our clientele and our industry. In the world of luxury bedding, silk stands alone for unparalleled softness, sheen, comfort, and luxury. Purchasing silk is an investment, and it requires a good understanding of what to look for. That is why the Mulberry Park Silks team devotes so much time to providing accurate, honest information on our silk's quality, weight, and pricing. We want you to love your silk bedding. And part of that is knowing that you got the very best value for your luxury bedding dollar.

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Unfortunately, not every company in the silk marketplace shares our values. Some are even outright deceptive, shrouding their product with misleading information and misusing traditional measurements to convey quality. These claims -- particularly the falsehood of “Grade 7A silk” -- do a grave disservice to our industry and our clients

Read on to learn more about protecting yourself from this deceitful marketing ploy.

Silk Grading Conforms to an International Standard

We said it earlier: no such grade as 7A exists within the standard silk grading system. A prominent textile textbook offers the following explanation:

“Raw silk is classified according to an international system drawn up by the International Silk Association (ISA) in the years following the Second World War. Representatives of the main producer and consumer countries formed a “Classification Committee” and agreed on the international system which is the worldwide standard, although some minor differences may exist in certain national classification systems.

There are 11 grades in the international classification system, ranging from 6A (the top) through 5A, 4A, down through F”

-- Franck, Robert R (Editor), Silk, Mohair, and Other Luxury Fibres, The Textiles Institute, Woodhead Publishing Limited, Cambridge, England, page 25

The Letters and Numbers Behind Silk Grading

Let’s take a brief look at what the letter and numbers in silk grades mean. Silk is initially graded by letter, with “A” representing silk with longest strands, fewest impurities, and most lustrous ivory color. Within the letter grade, silk is further delineated by number, with 6 being the highest. Therefore, 6A is always used to describe the finest grade silk. There is NO such thing as Grade 7A silk. If you want the best silk sheets and pillowcases, you should know that it is always labeled 6A silk.

Silk Coccoons

A word about double cocoon silk: You may also see the term “double cocoon” invoked to describe silk labeled 7A. Again, this is deceptive. Double cocoon silk has to be processed on a special machine; the result is a slubbed fabric known as silk dupioni. This is a textured silk popularly used in bridal gowns; it is not the smooth charmeuse weave silk you find in silk bedding.

A Textile Expert Weighs in on the Myth of “Grade 7A”

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To further clarify the issue, we solicited input from Victor Zhu, CEO of Zechuang Clothing Co., Ltd. Mr. Zhu has a long history of working with high-quality silk and is well acquainted with the nuances of silk grading and marketing practices in the industry.

“Traditionally, silk quality has been assessed on a scale from 3A to 6A, with 6A denoting the highest quality. This new grade, 7A, is not recognized by traditional silk grading systems and misleads consumers about the product's true quality,” Mr. Zhu said. “This marketing tactic preys on the consumer's desire for luxury and exclusivity, suggesting a level of quality that supersedes the established benchmark. It's crucial for buyers to be aware of these practices to make informed decisions and not be swayed by misleading claims.”

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He adds, “Educating consumers about these deceptive practices is essential. By understanding the traditional grading system, they can better navigate the market and avoid overpaying for silk bedding that does not necessarily offer superior quality.”

Thank you, Mr. Zhu! 

A Word from the Mulberry Park Silks Brand Manager

The Mulberry Park Silks team takes our commitment to transparency seriously. We are appropriately concerned about the damage caused by misleading claims anywhere in our industry.

“These claims of Grade 7A silk fabric are disheartening,” said Mulberry Park Silks Brand Manager Kendra Cosenza. “Here at Mulberry Park Silks, we are proud to say that every silk product we produce -- from our silk pillowcase to silk sheets to our silk accessories -- is made with pure mulberry silk of Grade 6A, the highest quality on the market. We think any reputable silk manufacturer should feel that same pride. There is no need to delude consumers into paying more thinking they are getting better quality silk when Grade 6A is the absolute best.”

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We hope we’ve helped you be a more informed silk shopper today. We are confident that the more you know about silk, the more likely it is that you will purchase from a reputable, value-driven company like Mulberry Park Silks. We are always here to answer questions about our silk. You can rely on us for honest answers. Because the best way to combat misinformation is by telling the truth.

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